Setting the new standard for art research.

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Setting the new standard for art research.

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1. Artwork Timeline

Catalogue Raisonné, auction prices, exhibition history:
All in one place with the artwork timeline.

Starting in 2016 over the course of five years we meticulously digitised and reorganised hundreds of catalogues raisonnés, important monographs and exhibition catalogues of the world's most visible artists to bring what is generally referred to as a "price database" into the 21st Century.

Welcome to the future of online, aggregated and always in itself updating catalogues raisonnés.

Facture in Numbers

Gain access to the world's most diverse and comprehensive art database



13 million+

Auction records from 100,000 auction houses going back half a century


Private and public art collections

2 million+

Artworks from Museums worldwide

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3. Image recognition

In a visual world you need visual search.

In an increasingly globalised world of different cultures and identities visual language becomes as important for communication as the written word.

Search any artwork with an illustration of that work by taking a photo or uploading a JPEG to receive the artwork details within seconds.

4. Editing

Take back control of art history authority.

Supplement catalogue raisonné data by adding a note, or view the comments and corrections submitted by a network of experts.

On Facture, you can interact with others and improve the accuracy of a specific catalogue raisonné entry, just by submitting a comment.

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Accelerating the transition towards online, aggregated, and always up-to-date catalogues raisonnés.

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All artworks © the artists.

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